Rhinoplasty Reviews

Given the reviews of people who underwent rhinoplasty, patients seem to describe their healing processes in a similar way.

Recovery Diary After Rhinoplasty

  • Day 1: We returned home and applied cold compress for 24 hours. Along with a little swelling and bruising, I felt a slight discomfort. There is a slight nasal blockage. I had to replace the dressing under my nose frequently.
  • and Day 5: The bruising and swelling are still on. The nasal blockage is at a disturbing level.
  • Day 5-8: Dr. Ali Kavuzlu removed my nasal tampons and outer nose dressings. My sutures are removed. The bruising is rapidly decreasing. I feel much better about my nose blockage.
  • -Week 2: The swelling and bruises on my face completely healed. The slight swellings in my nose area are still on.
  • -Week 4: The swellings began to go down. I’m breathing much better.

Reviews of Some of our Rhinoplasty Patients

Tugba Karaaslan

I’m from Koln, Germany. One day, I decided to undergo rhinoplasty and, of course, it wasn’t easy to find a doctor. Then I sought for a good doctor and I found Dr. Ali Kavuzlu, whom I am glad to find and meet with. He never left me unanswered whenever I asked something via WhatsApp. He is a very good consultant, he is friendly and sympathetic, and he is also very dedicated doctor.
I am so pleased since he re-shaped my nose as I wanted it to be. And in Germany, everyone asks me who performed my rhinoplasty. Of course, THE BEST RHINOPLASTY SURGEON IN ANKARA, DR. ALI KAVUZLU.
 I strongly recommend Dr. Ali Kavuzlu.
I am glad I knew you.

Serpil Bayındır

My rhinoplasty procedure was performed by Dr. Ali Kavuzlu in April 2018. It was both for breathing and aesthetic purposes. Since I wasn’t able to get rid of the fear inside, I used to constantly look for a doctor until I heard about Dr. Ali Kavuzlu. Words fail to tell about him, so I can only call him a PERFECT doctor and a perfect surgeon. And to me, he is also a very successful psychological counselor for his manner in telling his patients about the process when preparing them for surgery, his calming attitude and attention, his constant support in the postoperative period and knowing that he is always on the other side of the line, and also for following the development in check-ups and describing the healing process step by step…I am very grateful to him for everything. Many of my friends who have been operated by him thanked me many times for finding and recommending him to them. If you want to undergo a rhinoplasty, ALİ KAVUZLU is my favourite and I highly recommend him. Five stars is not enough to score him. Endless thanks to him.

Ezgi Cuhadar

I’ve known Dr. Ali Kavuzlu for a long time. I also had the chance to work with him at Diskapi Hospital. And my rhinoplasty adventure has thus begun. Dr. Kavuzlu made my nose so beautiful that I can both breathe comfortably and have a beautiful appearance. I can also sleep very comfortably. He is my favourite in Ankara and one of the best doctors I have ever known. Also, you can get over the postoperative period very comfortably without bruising and bleeding…Best regards and many greetings.

Bastug Pınar

During my company to my close friend for her rhinoplasty procedure, Dr. Ali Kavuzlu realized, at first glance, that I had difficulty in breathing and invited me for examination. I first had hesitation regarding surgery but I visited him and he operated me within 2 days. I was very anxious; however, it lasted a short time since he was very keen and foresighted on every stage. Also after the surgery, his attention continued. I trusted him and asked him to shape my nose in a way he deems fit and I am glad I did so. I can breathe well now and I’m very happy with my appearance. Nobody deems it likely that I underwent a rhinoplasty. My nose is now very natural and very beautiful. He is both a very talented doctor and a very understanding friend to me. May God speed him, I am sure that he will make quite a name for himself in this field. Thank you for everything.

Medine Nida Yalçın

I was operated by Dr. Ali Kavuzlu 17 months ago, and I was very scared at first but thanks to his attention, I have overcome my fears. Every time I look in the mirror, I say I am glad that I had my nose done. He still asks me if I have a complaint. I am very satisfied. I recommend Ali Kavuzlu to all those who consider undergoing rhinoplasty. 

Kubra Horasan

Since the time I decided to undergo rhinoplasty, I talked to many doctors, but I made up my mind when I knew Dr. Ali Kavuzlu. Today it is the 3rd month since then and I say I am glad. He is perfect both personally and as a doctor. I would recommend him with inner peace.

Esin Yalçın

I was operated by Dr. Ali Kavuzlu 7 months ago. He way very interested before and after the surgery and he went the extra mile to allay my fears. My nose looks perfect in all the post-op photos and I am so grateful to him for this feeling. You may prefer him blindfolded.

Ayda Yaşartürk

I feel so lucky for having the chance to meet a doctor like you. Even if I lived without breathing well for 22 years, I have had a perfect result and a perfect appearance thanks to your magic hands. It is also thanks to your mastery that I spent the post-operative period with bruises… Best regards

Vildan SERİN

Dr. Ali Kavuzlu is such a good person that he is both a doctor and a friend. I was afraid of the surgery; this was my first operation but my nose is now so beautiful. Dr. Ali Kavuzlu has a distinct place, thank you very much. 

Zaide Celebi

He’s a perfect doctor. I am glad that I entrusted my nose to Dr. Ali Kavuzlu, a perfect doctor who understands what his patients want, is not egocentric and does miracles with his hands.

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