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Today, rhinoplasty is one of the most common aesthetic operations both in our country and in the world scale. Because, nose is among the most fundamental factors that make one look beautiful.  Ankara, however, is one of the cities where best rhinoplasty doctors work in our country.

What to Consider When Choosing a Doctor?

Thanks to the evolving technology, rhinoplasty doctors in Ankara perform rhinoplasty using many different applications. However, there are points to take into consideration in choosing a doctor.

To avoid problems during and after your surgery, you should choose specialists that are experienced, well-trained and who can provide accurate references.  Surgeon Dr. Ali Kavuzlu provides continuous service in the field of functional, aesthetic and revision rhinoplasty.

If you consider undergoing rhinoplasty, you would probably want to learn about how the surgery is performed, what processes you will go through, and how your appearance and health will improve. During the examination, Dr. Ali Kavuzlu assesses your nose both functionally and aesthetically. He takes the photos of your nose, discusses with you the appearance of your nose through the photos, and explain what can be done. Thus, our patients set a realistic expectation before surgery.

To achieve a successful result in rhinoplasty, it is important to have a good fit between the patient and the surgeon. Before surgery, many of our patients suffer from pre-surgery anxiety, which is a very normal situation. What relieves this anxiety is a trust relationship based on realistic expectations and medical expertise that would be established between the doctor and the patient. As an Otolaryngologists and Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Ali Kavuzlu would use all his surgical skills and knowledge to achieve the best result in surgery. He would also answer all your questions before and after the surgery.

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